7/11/2024 - v1.5.3

• Fixed the site looking bad on mobile devices and other small bug fixes.

6/19/2024 - v1.5.2

• Added bookmarklets.
• Also linked all games to a main.js file, and this may be useful later.

6/18/2024 - v1.5.1

• Added an option to change game servers (more servers coming later),
• This update also includes fixing settings so you can save and load game data across any server you choose.

6/16/2024 - v1.5

• Flash games are now fixed for being embeddable,
• Added redirect.html,
• Added more extra content including an about:blank embedder and redirect generator,
• Added a few more games,
• Changed content for various web pages, including this one.

6/8/2024 - v1.4.1

• Fixed bugs from previous update,
• Optimized loading time for games.

6/7/2024 - v1.4

• Fixed bugs from previous update,
• Added search bar and random button back,
• Added dark mode.

6/4/2024 - v1.3

• Added an image for every game. This is important as it allowed us to change the games to not be linked by only a name, but also an image, for a game thumbnail.
• Also in this update, 90+ games added.
• Search bar and random buttom had to be removed because of the changes in this update, but they will probably come back in a near future update.

5/4/2024 - v1.2

•Added a tab cloaker,
• Added ads,
• Added more games.

4/27/2024 - v1.1

•Added more games,
• Added back button for games,
• Added chat,
• Added review option.

4/12/2024 - v1.0

• Games taken from minecraftgoldfish3,
• Added over 500 games,
• Added cool subtitles, a cool search bar, cool css, and more cool things,
• Added a lot of other stuff as well,
• Request more games to get added.