Blooket Hacks

Use these hacks as bookmarklets.

I am not responsible for your actions with these hacks.


Adds Tokens
Bypasses Random Name
Get Free Tokens
Get All Answers Right
Get Every Blook in the Game
Sell Duplicated Blooks
Spams Boxes Open

Blook Rush:

Sets Blooks
Sets Defense


Infinite Food
Sets Cash

Crazy Kingdom:

Max out Stats
Sets Guests
Skips a Guest

Crypto Hack:

Sets Crypto
Get Other Passwords

Deceptive Dinos:

Sets Fossils


Get Cash
Get Mega Bot

Fishing Frenzy:

Sets Lure
Sets Weight

Gold Quest:

Chest ESP
Sets Gold
Sets Player Gold


Instantly Win

Tower Defense:

Clear Enemies
Max out Stats
Sets Cash

Tower of Doom:

Lowers Enemy Stats
Max out Player Stats
Sets Coins

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